LIGHTS | Electric Factory

LIGHTS released her first album in 2009 and when her song ‘Saviour’ became a popular track off of the album, “The Listening”, the thought that she was going to be a hit was definite. She is now on the AWKOHAWNOH tour with alternative rock band PVRIS. My journey sent me to Philly this past week and I was thrilled to find out that it was at Electric Factory. It was a first time experience, and when entering the venue, my instant reaction was, “This is going to be insane.”

LIGHTS performed after pop singer Flint Eastwood, and based on how packed the venue already was, you knew how excited the crowd was to see her. She opened the show with her song ‘Skydiving’ off of her recent album “Skin and Earth”, which has comic book stories dedicated to it! Pretty cool. And if you were there, you know how happy her fans were when LIGHTS sang the first words to ‘Giants’, a popular single off of “Skin and Earth”.

Her angelic voice and talent made the show worthwhile. You can tell her fans are dedicated, just as much as she is to them. A fan was holding up a sign that said, “All I want for Christmas is a picture with LIGHTS”, and she was sweet enough to take a selfie with her in the middle of the set!

LIGHTS brings you a dance party when she is on stage, and if you sing along with her, it’s the best feeling. She finished her set with ‘Up We Go’. You felt the dedication with LIGHTS and you know she’s here to have a good time. It was a pleasure photographing LIGHTS this past week. Her enthusiasm and interaction is a fantastic thing to witness at a show.

Listen to LIGHTS album on Spotify, or purchase her albums here:

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